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Nurturing Beginnings

“We all start somewhere.” This is what I have been telling myself for the past several months as I have vacillated between jumping on board this project’s ship and jumping overboard.

Full of desire to put my whole heart into everything I commit to, I have continually found myself falling short of knowledge, experience and most of all—-time.

From those frazzled moments of imagination and pondering to editing and solidifying this site, nothing about any of those emotions have changed. The distraught feelings of wanting throw on a lifejacket, cast myself into a lifeboat and sail away from this ship, come to me far more often than those securing feelings of safety, contentment and surety. I will forever lack knowledge–and seeing how this is my first post, I definitely lack experience. Furthermore, TIME…finding time to gather collected and relevant thoughts, while also staying true to my own desires to be a present mother, is a battle I fear I will never successfully conquer.

But in my reachings, I have also concluded that the greatest gift in this process has and continues to come from the inspiration and willingness of the women on this page who have selflessly given of their time to contribute toward an effort, which reveals their most personal experiences gleaned from a journey they thrive in…motherhood.  That gift is invaluable to me and, because of it, I feel compelled to share!  Join with me in exploring the wisdom and inspiration of mothers everywhere.

May, 25, 2017

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May, 8, 2017

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