About Me


Another life ago, I was an intense musical theater student, training and pursuing a goal to land a dream role in a major production.

After a long journey of self-reflection and discovery—that path led me to where I am today: A faithful wife and devoted mother to 5 children under the age of 9.

When I look back and ponder the many character’s I have both studied and portrayed throughout the course of my life, the role I play as “mother” is by far the most challenging–and rewarding.

In the great production of life, I have observed that while the general nature of a mother’s character is loving, nurturing, compassionate and selfless–the unpredictable elements within the arch of her performance can lead her to moments of distress, frustration, desperation and even collapse. Like many times in my life, I have (both metaphorically and literally) found myself feeling alone on an empty stage, having forgotten all my lines and staring into the dark abyss of an audience who seems to be anticipating a brilliant finish.

As both an actress and a real life mother, I can testify that in both cases, neither led to failure. The audience is most always forgiving when our performance is honest, present, filled with passion and strong objective.

In the end, I have come to believe that it is a mother’s intuition, inspiration and vulnerability within the chaos and surprise of her performance, which commands a standing ovation—not a perfectly rehearsed one.

Just as no amount of character research can fully prepare the actor for the role–no anticipating mother can fully comprehend the magnitude of her responsibility until that new life is placed in her arms for the very first time. The journey of a mother is unpredictable (at best). But inspiration to push through those vulnerable moments on stage is within her grasp…if she digs deep enough to find it.

This is the part of the play I am currently performing–(ploughing through chaos and discovery)and I am looking to mothers everywhere for encouragement and insight to more authentically fulfill the dream role I landed in the production of a lifetime.

It is my hope that in some small way, Tulips and Mudd is able to offer support and strength to anyone else in need of the same.

Photos by Eliza J Photography